We Keep Your Customers Coming Back & Buying More

 The secret to business success is customer retention and frequency!

There’s never been a successful business over the long term that didn’t have repeat customers.


Keeping your customers coming back is the key to survival.  That’s what we do.  We help businesses keep customers coming back.

There are only three ways you can grow your business.

1.  Find entirely new customers, which is hard and expensive.

2.  Bring previous customers back more often

3.  Sell more things to your existing customers

It’s simple, but it only works if you have a system.

We created CloseBy because we noticed that just about everybody carries a cell phone pretty much all of the time.  We also noticed that people generally prefer returning to businesses that they know, like and trust over taking chances with unknown merchants.

So we thought, “Let’s help local businesses keep in contact through their customers’ cell phones.  Then, their customers will come back more often and buy more things.”

But there was a problem…

Business owners are busy.  And, they don’t want to accidentally aggravate their best customers.

So we said, “Let’s do it for them!”

We trained our sharpest employees to become text specialists and assigned one to work with every business using CloseBy.  Our text specialists get to know the business owner, what types of customers the business has, and how promotional the business wants to be.  They help the business get their customers to join and actually write the messages that make sales instantly.

We also learned that business owners don’t like surprises.  So we priced our service with a low flat fee with unlimited messaging, unlimited subscribers and unlimited coaching.

We work with over 4,100 local businesses who want nothing more than to keep their customers happy, engaged, and coming back.

Give us a chance to show you how we can help you.

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